Juvenile Justice

Each year, programs like Teens Making a Change (TMAC) help thousands of kids like William get their lives back on track.

Unfortunately, with legislators considering multi-million dollar cuts to our state-funded mental health and juvenile justice programs, there might not be as many places for North Carolina’s young people to turn.

We owe it to North Carolina’s youth to provide them with every opportunity to keep their lives on the right track.

It’s not only the right thing to do for the kids, but it’s also the smart thing to do for our state. After all, these young people will either grow up to be responsible, tax-paying citizens or burdens in an over-crowded prison system.

That’s why our state has decided to fund hundreds of locally-based programs and services, like mentoring and peer support, to help North Carolina’s young people to grow up to be responsible adults and leaders.

Unfortunately, legislators are considering large cuts to the collection of state agencies and services that fund community intervention programs for youth – Medicaid, Mental Health and Juvenile Justice.

Let’s do the right thing for our kids by continuing this investment in our future.

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