North Carolinians everyday experiences and the stories of their communities’ struggles and triumphs provide powerful lessons in the role of public policy. From the student who received child care subsidies to be able to complete their degree to the protection of our natural resources, the stories of how we have come together to strengthen our communities through better public policy are critical to share and learn from.

This platform seeks to compile Real Stories from Real North Carolinians and in so doing push forward a debate about what we need as a state to make sure everyone has access to opportunity and all communities can thrive.

Together NC Budget Series

Speak NC Compilation

Over the past several decades, North Carolina’s leaders have made many wise investments to improve the quality of life for North Carolinians.

The questions now is whether or not our current crop of elected officials will choose embrace these commitments or retreat from them.

First in Flight Series on the EITC

First in Flight from the EITC

Three North Carolinians talk about how the state Earned Income Tax Credit has helped them and their families over the years, and why state lawmakers should reconsider their decision to let this vital credit expire.

Tar Heel Workers

Dear Legislators

The NC Justice Center and Working America have partnered in an effort to gather feedback from workers on their experiences with the unemployment insurance system in North Carolina. Nearly 400 hand-written letters have been collected in recent weeks, and today, these letters will be delivered to the General Assembly. The message of these letters is […]

Vouchers: Wrong Choice for N.C.

Vouchers: Wrong For North Carolina

Rev. Arnetta Beverly of Greensboro, North Carolina explains why public schools are so valuable and why vouchers for unaccountable private schools threaten to re-segregate schools and undermine education for our state’s children.

Home to Me Series

The Ornela Family

The Ornela family (some names have been changed) sat down in Pullen Park to talk about their experiences. Self-described as the “Three Musketeers,” mother Muriel and daughters Dani and Nora have seen each other through thick and thin, relying on each other through a relocation from New Jersey to North Carolina—Dani and Nora’s father stayed […]

Get Context

These stories explore the realities that North Carolinians face and the rol that public policy plays in their daily lives. To complement these stories, there are various research and data sources that show the broader context and need for public policies to address challenges.

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About Us

The North Carolina Justice Center is a multi-issue, multi-strategy non-profit organization working to fight poverty in North Carolina. A key tool in our work is lifting up the stories of people and community experiences and the positive role of public policy in building an economy that works for everyone.


  • Trying to Get By: [Not] Making Ends Meet in a Low-Wage Labor Market

    A multimedia documentary project produced by students at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, this project shares stories and analysis about the men and women who work in low-wage jobs, labor organizers, business owners, advocates, economists, and labor historians. Their stories give voice to: the daily challenges men and women working low-wage jobs face in and outside of the workplace; how rapid growth in the low-wage job market is widening the inequality gap and diminishing opportunities to attain financial stability; and the organizing and advocacy efforts in North Carolina that are demanding higher wages, better schedules, and greater dignity in the workplace.

  • Story of America

    The Story of America is a unique project to both document the story of our divided nation in 2013, and engage those with the power to heal these divisions - the people - in the transforming power of storytelling and dialogue. Their main purpose is to use their videos to foster dialogue so that we may become more united as a country and deliberative in how we engage in our democracy.

  • Our North Carolina

    "We are two friends who live in North Carolina, and we have been heartbroken by the recent decisions that move our state backwards. At the same time, we have been incredibly inspired by the many diverse voices who share our belief in a vibrant and progressive North Carolina. We created Our North Carolina to provide a forum for us to share OUR vision for our state. Because we live here. And we believe in a better North Carolina."